It is of utmost importance to have prices available and be fully transparent with pricing. We offer very reasonable cash pay prices, and our membership package will include many services and procedures. Self-pay prices will be readily available and for those who do not have a membership, we can bill participating insurance. With insurance, however, there may be deductibles and copays for which you will be responsible. Insurance has a challenging dynamic and often difficult to discern out of pocket costs. You can call your plan and see your individual specifics on coverage. Wildflower will not bill insurance for hormone optimization and other services not covered by insurance. For these services, patients will have to pay out of pocket due to insurance limitations. Wildflower will work with each individual to help them understand their insurance. Wildflower will help you to help determine your out of pocket costs and to reduce concerns.


Wildflower is currently contracted with Medicare, Arizona Foundation, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona, Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare Advantage HMO, and United Healthcare. Wildflower is currently seeking other commercial insurances. Check back daily for any updates

Office Visit Cash Pay Price Membership Price
New Patient Visit $150 FREE
Established Patient Visit $75 FREE
Well Woman Exam w/ pap $150 FREE
Well Male Exam $100 FREE
Telemedicine Visit -simple $50 FREE
Sports/Camp Physical $40 FREE
Weight Loss Initial Visit and Consultation $150 FREE
Weight loss follow up $75 FREE
Hormone Replacement Initial (HRT) Visit and Consultation (additional lab costs may apply) $150 FREE
Hormone Replacement Initial (HRT) Follow up $75 FREE
Hormone Pellet Therapy $300+ $250+
Trigger Point Injection $100 FREE
Trigger Point 2 to 5 $150 (total price) FREE
Drain/Injection bursa, finger, toes $75 (total price) FREE
Drain/Injection bursa, elbow, wrist, ankles $100 (total price) FREE
Drain/Injection bursa, shoulder, knee, hip $125 (total price) FREE
General Procedures (costs are in addition to office visits)

Incision & Drainage Simple $100 FREE
Incision & Drainage Complex with sutures $175 FREE
Simple Suturing/Dermabond $75 FREE
Biopsy Shave/Punch $100 (pathology fee will apply) FREE (pathology fee will apply)
Currettiment, single lesion $75 FREE
Currettiment, 2-4 lesions (total price) $125 FREE
Cryotherapy 1-14 lesions, simple destruction $75 FREE
Skin tag removal 1-2 tags $100 FREE
Skin tag removal 3-6 $150 FREE
Nebulizer treatment $50 FREE
Nail removal $85 FREE
control of nose bleed $50 FREE
Vision Screen $15 FREE
Eye stain- FB $45 FREE
Ceruman Removal (1-2) $45 FREE
Medication/ Vitamin Injections

B12 $25 $12
Snot Shot (Dexamethasone/Kenalog) $50 FREE
Phenergan 50 mg $20 FREE
Toradol 60 mg $20 FREE

flu shot $25 $25
TDap $75 $75
Labs (in house)

Urinalysis $15 FREE
Stool Blood $15 FREE
Strep Test $25 FREE
PPD $25 $10
Labs (Labcorp)

CBC per insurance negotiated rate FREE Annually
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel per insurance negotiated rate FREE Annually
Lipid Panel per insurance negotiated rate FREE Annually
Hemoglonin A!C per insurance negotiated rate FREE Annually
TSH with Free T4 per insurance negotiated rate FREE Annually
PAP per insurance negotiated rate FREE Annually for women 21+
PSA per insurance negotiated rate FREE Annually for men over 45
Cosmetic Procedures

Botox, at times specials may apply. Call for current specials! $12 $10
Fillers /Juvederm / Juvederm Ultra Plus, Juvederm Ultra Plus XC, Call for current specials! Starting $500 per syringe Starting $400 per syringe
scelerotherapy (coming soon) TBD TBD
Please be aware that patients who do not cancel their appointment 24 hours or more of the scheduled appointment, will be charged a $50 no show fee.