Wildflower has an array of services. Wildflower offers primary care and wellness. Wellness refers to therapies and services that go beyond primary care and disease management.

The World Health organization refers to wellness as "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease."

Moreover, The National Wellness Institute defines wellness as "a conscious, self directed, and evolving process of achieving full potential."

Wildflower is seeking to work with multiple disciplinaries to facilitate well being across the continuum.

Currently, Wildflower offers hormone optimization for men and women using bio-identical hormones (hormone pellet insertion is available), nutritional counseling, medical weight loss and has a massage therapist on site.

Often, mood changes, sleep challenges, depression, fatigue, loss of libido and focus are overlooked. Wildflower will evaluate diet, hormones levels, lifestyle and address these issues to help you achieve the "healthist you!"

man with child yoga

Primary Care